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Software Sales


TECHNOLAW provides consulting, sales, implementation, training and support for the core software required for a law office to be efficient and robust. When properly implemented, legal specific software will fully utilize leading edge technologies and provide unparalleled services for a law firm’s client base.

Time/Cost Tracking & Billing

tabs3The most award-winning software in the industry, Tabs3 has been helping law firms bill smarter for over 30 years. Track your time, create statements, allocate payments, and run client status reports with just a few clicks. Can be integrated with PracticeMaster

Practice Management

practice managmentYou can take control of and feel in control of your litigation activities. PracticeMaster automates all of a firm’s manual procedures, organizing the core litigation information into a single screen. Highly customizable to reduce mistakes, Practice Master includes: firm wide calendaring and task management, firm wide client and contact management, document management, document assembly, WorkFlows, time tracking, cost tracking, powerful reporting engine, elaborate data import and export routines, conflict of interest searching, calendar plan templates, area of practice templates, and more. Can be integrated with Tabs3 Billing

Mobile Access

tabs3 connectTabs3 Billing and PracticeMaster provide mobile access via laptops, tablets and smartphones wherever you can connect to the internet. No apps to download, simply go to www.Tabs3Connect.com and log in using your iPhone, Android device, iPad, Windows Phone, laptop, or even an Apple computer.


Financial Software

Tabs3 Financial modules provide back office accounting functionality. It Integrates with Tabs3 Billing and PracticeMaster (see above) to manage your law firm’s finances and save you hours of data entry. Financial programs include General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Trust Accounting.

Document Management


www.worldox.com Documents are no longer word processor typing results. In today’s law office, a document is anything that can be put into an electronic container: word processing, emails and email attachments, PDF’s, digitized x-rays, voice mail, digital camera transfers, a Web page, scanner output, faxes, spread sheets, etc. Document Management provides a means to efficiently and uniformly capture this information, relate it to your cases, and then have comprehensive, elegant, easy access to the information. You can locate that needle in a haystack with just a few mouse clicks. Worldox provides direct integration with a host of 3rd Party software (PracticeMaster, Tabs3, Juris, BigHand, etc.) and scanners and printers as well. The Productivity Suite has WorkFlows and seamless document comparison and PDF management via pdfDocs and compareDocs.

Document Assembly


www.hotdocs.com Arguably, the most inefficient activity in a law office is cutting and pasting. Ironically, cutting and pasting is perceived to be a time saver. If cutting and pasting saves you hours of repetitive typing, Document Assembly saves you months of time.  Coupling a Document Assembly package with or within your Case Management package, allows you to leverage all the information you have collected and generate documents with just a few clicks. In seconds, letters, contracts, wills, etc. that previously required minutes or even hours, are perfectly prepared. All the gender specific information (he/his/him vs. she/hers/her) is taken care of, as are the inclusion and exclusion of paragraphs indigenous to the conditions.

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